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     Basic obedience lays the foundation for the rest of your dogs life. The basics are taught through a steady confidence building process. We start with a translation phase where we show your dog over and over what we want from him. As he becomes more responsive, we start to give him a consequence for not listening to us, much as you would you child who doesn’t want to clean up his room. This process teaches your dog what we want and lays the basics of what yes, no and maybe (or praise, corrections, and motivation) mean. This happens in a neutral environment to best promote learning. Progressively we’ll add in more and more tempting distractions and teach your dog how to respond appropriately.
     This process teaches your dog what we want from him in a way that builds his confidence and yours. You will know exactly what your dog is capable of and will be able to trust that he will listen to you when you speak to him. The basic obedience program covers the following commands: Heel, sit, down, sitting up from a down, sit and down in motion (as you are heeling), come, place, and finish. Commands are typically taught in that order, however the program is completely customizable. I offer free evaluations to help determine what program will best suite you and your dog. Please call to schedule your evaluation.
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